Wind Weavers plays original and eclectic acoustic music drawn from diverse sources, spanning traditional and contemporary sensibilities. The ensemble, led by accordionist Diana Strong, features fiddle (Audrey Knuth), guitar (Christopher Jacoby), double bass (Travis Hendrix) and percussion (Aziz Yehia). Wind Weavers formed in 2018 when Diana decided to put on a concert for her birthday, and has since performed at the Back Room, SF Int’l Arts Festival, World Out West Music & Dance Festival, and the Cotati Accordion Festival. Their sound brings together many threads of their collective musical backgrounds and interests, including Brazilian forró, Scandinavian, Balkan, New England trad, classical, and beyond-- discovering new grooves, weaving together harmonies and rhythms of diverse traditions, and finding an ever greater range of musical expression.




Oakland, CA, USA

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