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composition, performance and instruction



My musical training is grounded in classical piano, along with a lifetime of folk music camps and the wide variety of influences that brings. I picked up the accordion in 2006, and play an eclectic range of styles including Brazilian forró and choro, klezmer, Balkan, French musette, swing, and of course original tunes. Current and past projects include Dona Francisca (Brazilian forró), Wind Weavers (original and eclectic instrumental music), Sweet Moments of Confusion (original music for accordion and cello), The Patty Dukes (ukulele and vocal duo with cousin Juliet Strong), Dan Cantrell, Justin Ancheta, Zumpthing (swampy klezmer), Sabaya (balkan and original), The Red Hot Chachkas (klezmer), the Accordion Babes Calendar (2009 and 2013 issues). Theatrical projects include Mother Courage (Ubuntu, Feb 2019), Uksus (a chamber opera by Erling Wold, 2016), The Red Virgin (Central Works, 2013). I’ve also performed as a dancer/singer in MoToR (body music troupe led by Evie Ladin). I completed my level III Orff Shulwerk music education certification in 2017, teach private piano and accordion lessons in Oakland and elementary/Orff music in Walnut Creek and Oakland.

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